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TREND MICRO ServerProtect Multiple Server (LL & WI N/NW): Multi-Language, Licence, Renew, Normal, 101 -250 User License,02 months

Forsiden Software Trend Micro TREND MICRO ServerProtect Multiple Server (LL & WI N/NW): Multi-Language, Licence, Renew, Normal, 101 -250 User License,02 months
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TREND MICRO ServerProtect Multiple Server (LL & WI N/NW): Multi-Language,  Licence, Renew, Normal, 101 -250 User License, 02 months (SP00110374)

TREND MICRO ServerProtect Multiple Server (LL & WI N/NW): Multi-Language, Licence, Renew, Normal, 101 -250 User License,02 months

  • Avtaletype Bedrift
  • Kategori Trend Micro Endpoint Security
  • Produkt ServerProtect for File Server (Linux, Netware, Windows)
  • Licens type Vedlikehold / videreføring
  • Bruger Level 101 - 250 lisenser
  • Varighed 2 måneder
Forventes på lager 04-10-2023

Effective malware protection for servers and storage systems
Protect against viruses, rootkits, and data-stealing malware while simplifying and automating security operations on servers and storage systems. This reliable solution from the market leader in server
security offers real-time protection, high performance, and low processing overhead.

Our patented technology:
- Provides the strongest physical defenses.
- Helps deliver real-time server protection against viruses, worms, spyware and Trojan attacks.
- Reduces administrative costs through management of remote installation, maintenance, and upgrades from a central console.
- Minimizes manual tasks by automating routine antivirus maintenance and updates.
- Provides greater deployment flexibility and control through granular policy management.
- Alerts administrators to virus outbreaks and emergencies to help reduce response time.
- Provides comprehensive logs and reports to help identify dangerous activities before they become threats.

ServerProtect™ for Microsoft™ Windows™ and Novell™ NetWare™
Simple Effective Anti-Malware Protection for Enterprise-class Servers.
Scan and detect malware in real time and leverage cleanup capabilities to help remove malicious code and repair any system damage caused by them. A single management console centrally enforces, administers, and updates malware protection on every server throughout an organization.

Enterprise servers can be a vulnerable, centralized point of information exchange. Even from inside the network, users or applications without adequate protection can unintentionally upload infected files to the server, which can spread to other systems that access these files. Additionally, large organizations may have hundreds or thousands of individual server machines that require monitoring, configuration, and maintenance. More importantly, today’s sophisticated attacks can target multiple points on the network and leave unseen trails of damage and the potential for re-infection.

Reliable and Efficient Malware Protection
- Features award-winning scan engine technology with an extensive track record in delivering comprehensive malware protection;
- Combines rule-based and pattern-recognition technologies for efficient malware detection;
- Includes new APIs for better spyware and rootkit detection and remediation;
- Secures internal communication channels to prevent disruption by malware;
- Delivers 24x7 anti-malware support from TrendLabsSM global research and support centers.

Automates Scanning to Optimize Protection
- Customizes by task to meet specific workflow needs for real-time scans, ad-hoc scans, scheduled scans, deployment, logging, and statistics;
- Breaks up scheduled scan tasks to scan high-usage directories on a different frequency than low use directories;
- Reduces resource impact by enabling traffic analysis and creation of custom RTS policies for different times of the day.

Centralized Deployment and Management
- Streamlines initial deployment and ongoing management of all major Windows and NetWare Servers;
- Centrally manages system monitoring, software updates, configuration changes, and event reporting through a remote console;
- Controls multiple ServerProtect Information Servers and deloys product updates to all servers from a single console;
- Deploys programs and updates to servers simultaneously and monitors server status in real time;
- Centrally manages security strategies deployed throughout a multiple-site network.

Immediate protection and clean-up capabilities
- Removes malware remnants from all servers with automated malware cleaning and repairing to minimize re-infection;
- Scans and remediates compressed archives for malware to avoid unnecessary decompression;
- Identifies holes in the security system by running the vulnerability scanner feature, which is available upon request.

ServerProtect™ can be configured to download virus pattern files and scan engine updates automatically and then distribute them to designated servers. It uses an incremental update mechanism so that the designated servers only download the new virus pattern files that have been added since the last version, saving download time and preserving network bandwidth. ServerProtect employs a three-tier architecture: the Management Console, the Information Server, and the Normal Server. A Normal Server can be any server on the network on which ServerProtect is installed—for example, a file server or FTP server. The Management Console is used to configure dedicated Information Servers, which then control the Normal Servers.

ServerProtect™ for Linux™
Stops Malware from Spreading through Linux Servers.
Protect your Linux file servers from becoming unwitting hosts for viruses, Trojans and a full range of other malware. With support for all common Linux distributions, this reliable solution now provides enhanced spyware protection and kernel independence—another powerful solution to your enterprise’s security and compliance strategy.

Linux-based servers frequently interact with clients running other operating systems, such as Microsoft™ Windows™. They store and serve files created on and for those platforms. At the same time, the increasing popularity of the Linux platform has resulted in the growth of viruses and other malware specifically targeting Linux servers. With Linux now representing 15-20% of the worldwide server market and growing, these attacks are becoming more frequent and more severe. Thus, securing Linux-based servers from hosting infected files is imperative for any enterprise.

Powerful Antivirus and Spyware Protection
- Scans, detects and removes viruses in real time;
- Now with enhanced spyware detection and removal capability;
- Scan engine certified by Virus Bulletin (VB) for reliable scanning.

Higher Performance and Flexibility
- Real-time, on-demand, and scheduled scan- ning uses latest multi-threaded scanning engine for highest performance while kernel-level scanning minimizes performance degradation;
- Adjustable CPU utilization during scan process allows users to balance performance impact and scanning time;
- Kernel Hook Module (KHM) is now open to General Public License to allow customers to recompile to fit to their own customized kernel variants.

Antivirus Policy Compliance
- Enables antivirus policy enforcement and accelerates update deployment through automatic updates of virus patterns and scan engines;
- Allows administrators to stay apprised of virus or program events through email notifications and SNMP traps.

Centralized Management and Reporting
- Seamless integration with Trend Micro Control Manager™, centralized threat management console;
- Enables central management of attack information, policy deployment, pattern file and scan engine deployment, and reports on policy implementation;
- Reduces maintenance efforts through automatic component updates.

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